I’m Angela Niemi, a designer based in San Francisco, California. My favorite part about being a designer is learning about humans—where the best solutions start and live on. I’m responsible for executing the entire design process from user research, ideation, prototyping and testing to implementation and iteration. I believe collaboration plays a key role at each stage. 

I love working with cross-functional teams to create solutions that everyone believes in through the process of design sprints and/or design workshops. I think co-collaboration allows teams to empathize with and understand users while balancing business goals and technical challenges for solutions that everyone can be proud of.

I'm currently a Product Design Lead at Yelp, where I’m working to connect communities to great home and local services.

Outside of work I volunteer with Inneract Project because I’m passionate about empowering the next, more diverse, generation of designers. 


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I'm interested in collaborating on design projects that make people's lives better.

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